FAQ : Airbnb rental management

Frequently asked questions about our Airbnb rental management services

What is Superhost status?

Superhost status is a quality distinction for Airbnb rental management professionals. In France, only 10% of professional concierges have this status. Each quarter, the platform Airbnb evaluates our performance based on the ratings left by travelers after their stays. To benefit from this excellence status, it is necessary toobtain a minimum score of 4.8/5 with a rate response rate of 90 % and a cancellation rate of less than 1 %. In addition, you must have accumulated at least 10 stays per year. This status allows to distinguish positively on the platform, to be presented at the top of the list and therefore toget more reservations.

How and when do I receive the payments?

The payments for each stay are sent directly by the platform to the bank account of your choice. Airbnb and Abritel send the payment 24 hours after the beginning of the reservation. Booking performs payments four times a month. For tax reasons, do you want My Guest Relation to collect the payments? It is possible to set up a dedicated management account, this service will be charged from 45€/month.

Is the household included in the 20 %?

The Farniente package includes the management of cleaning and linen services. The price of cleaning is paid in addition by travelers for each stay. Concretely, this package allows to remunerate our teams of householdto pay for the cost of professional lingerie and to finance a portion of the reception, hygiene and maintenance products available to travelers.

Is linen included in Airbnb rental management services?

My Guest Relation provides flat linen and towels for all travelers and for each stay. The owner must provide pillows, comforters and mattresses as well as adequate protection for each bed.

I need to use my property - How do I temporarily block reservations?

You can use your property at any time subject to availability. We only ask that you are informed in writing at least 24 hours before the dates you wish to stay. We will then block the dates on the platforms so that they can no longer be booked by travelers. If a reservation has been made prior to your request, we cannot cancel it for your stay.

Airbnb rental management: what is the tourist tax?

The tax of stay aims to pay the municipalities hosting tourists for their expenses related to road infrastructure, water, electricity, etc.... It is set by each commune and paid by travelers. The tax is automatically collected by the seasonal rental platforms, some municipalities nevertheless ask to declare the income generated in order to control that the platforms pay correctly of the tax of residence. This obligation to declare is imposed to the owner who must pay it individually.

Delegating Airbnb rental management: is it possible to select travellers?

When you entrust your property to My Guest Relationwe take over the selection of travelers staying with you. We want your stay to go as smoothly as possible. For a successful Airbnb rental management, the rigorous selection of travelers is important in order to preserve your vacation rental and the tranquility of the neighborhood. Our team only selects travelers with an ID validated by the Airbnb platform. We take into account comments and profile ratings.

To know more : Airbnb is the only booking platform that offers the possibility to select travelers based on specific criteria. 

Airbnb deposit: how does it work?

Within the framework of Airbnb rental management, each platform manages the deposit in a different way. Airbnb manages this aspect directly, in case of damage it is the platform that takes care of the refunds. Abritel charges an amount on the traveler's credit card. If there is no dispute, this amount is returned 7 days after departure. About Booking, a The amount will be pre-authorized on the credit card of each traveler, without dispute this amount is returned 7 days after his departure. For goods exceptionalwe can, at your request, set up a bonding system.pre-authorization additional.

In case of damage or theft, what are the recourses?

Airbnb rental management services by My Guest Relation include checking the property at the end of each stay. ÉObviously, we advise homeowners to avoid valuables in the home. Being responsive is the first step in dealing with potential problems. Our screening process for travelers is designed to minimize unpleasant situations. Rest assured, damage to an accommodation is an exceptional situation. However, anticipating is the best reaction to have for Airbnb rental management. Our teams are ready, and recourse is possible with the reservation platforms. If the reservation was made via Airbnb, you are entitled to host warranty coverage worth 1,000,000$. Finally, it is advisable to mention on your home insurance the activity of seasonal rental to be fully covered in case of damage.

Airbnb rental management by My Guest Relation: are we bound by a contract?

An exclusive management mandate is established between the owner and our concierge Airbnb. This contract allows us to operate your accommodation while setting the basis for our collaboration. The duration of this contract is one year, renewable by tacit agreement. If you no longer wish to benefit from our services, you can send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt at any time. The notice period is one month.

Why do the cleaning fees appear on my bill?

If you did not select the "management account" option when you cash in the payment of the platform, you receive the totality of what is charged to the travelers. In concrete terms, for each stay you receive the amount of overnight stays and the cleaning costs paid by the traveler. For this reason, you will see on your bill My Guest Relation, a line "commissions on overnight stays 20 %" and a line "services household after departure passengers ".

How are trips billed?

During the stay of the travelers, My Guest Relation moves free of charge in case of technical problems in the accommodation. However, for any displacement not related to a traveler's problem, fees are charged from 29 €. For example, we are available to welcome an external service provider (craftsman, plumber etc...) or for a delivery that requires our presence.

How to start a collaboration with My Guest Relation?

As soon as you have signed the Airbnb rental management mandate, we can start a collaboration. To start marketing your property, there are several preliminary steps must be filled (at your expense) :


  • a first cleaning is done by our teams 
  • the realization of professional photos of the accommodation is essential
  • the essentials to welcome travelers are in place

Why is a French flag displayed on our website?

My Guest Relation is a French company, our head office is based in France in the Alpes-Maritimes region. We work exclusively with local service providers. Choosing My Guest Relation's Airbnb rental management services means choosing to stimulate local economic development.