Our private concierge takes care of your villa

The market of the rent of villas in the Alpes-Maritimes

Visit short-term rental market is evolving rapidly. Travelers want to enjoy high-quality services and live experiences in their own right. Homes with swimming pools and leisure facilities are increasingly popular for vacations with family or friends. All Côte d'Azur communities are benefiting from this trend.

My Guest Relation takes full responsibility for managing your vacation villa located in Cannes, Nice and the coastal strip of the Alpes-Maritimes.

Calling on our expertise is first and foremost a guarantee that you'll save time and get the most out of your project.optimize your rental income.

A private concierge service with high-end services

Our team welcomes travelers on site to show them the whole place so that they can enjoy their stay in your house on the French Riviera. This service is only available for villa management. 

We will forge a relationship together onWe will tailor our services to your objectives and adapt our expertise to your situation to cover the entire leasing process.

Provisional study of the exploitation of the property, carried out by our private concierge

You wish to obtain a forecast to estimate your rental income? Benefit from the experience of our experts in seasonal rental, our private concierge makes an estimate of the occupancy rate and the average price of your villa. We want to provide you with realistic figures that best match your expectations. In order to reach this objective of precision, the taking into account of several criteria is essential: 


  • The local market
  • The prestige vacation rental market
  • History of previous seasons
  • The location of your villa
  • Seasonality
  • Local events

Development of a tailor-made strategy

Your villa is unique, so should be its marketing, our private concierge works on different aspects to optimize the attractiveness of your property:


  • Fitting out and decoration
  • Professional photography
  • Selection of the most suitable platforms for your property

Our private concierge takes care of the creation and setting of your ads

My Guest Relation, your private Airbnb concierge, will take care of creating and setting up your multilingual ads. High-end short-term rentals are very specific. In general, it is always advisable to use a professional photographer, but when dealing with a luxury clientele this option is absolutely non-negotiable! Your ad must be particularly well done, it is necessary to pay attention to the smallest details. We can consider using innovative technologies to make a video by drone.

Daily management and optimization of your reservation calendar

Everyday life, Our teams ensure that your schedule and prices are adequate and up to date on the online platforms. We will adapt the pricing policy to each reservation or rental vacation period.

360-degree support for travelers, from booking request to post-stay feedback

Travelers communicate only with our private concierge team. My Guest Relation takes care of all the management of your short term rental: 


  • Welcoming travellers
  • Presentation of your property
  • Tips for an unforgettable stay
  • Airport transfers to rental accommodation
  • Baby-sitting
  • Booking activities, etc.

Management of your villa by our private Airbnb concierge

A large part of our attention is dedicated to the preparation and control of your home before, during and after the travelers' stay. Our private Airbnb concierge, supervises your service providers (swimming pool operator, landscaper etc...).

Monitoring the performance of your property

After each rental cycle of your villa located in Alpes-Maritimes, we will analyze the results to adapt and adjust the marketing and therefore your income.